Survey on sexual pleasures

The insights of orgasm

Is the orgasm an identifiable
physiological process?

Couverture Histoire du clitoris




In association with Marie-Noëlle Lanuit (sexothérapeuthe)


Protocol with
recording monitor

We are preparing a tutorial for handling the application on smartphone, maybe next week ....

♥ - Set the monitor strap in place on your chest, check operation. Sometimes must moisten the belt sensors

♥ - Spend 5-10 min lying and note your resting heart rate

♥ - Start rcording à the bigining of your sexual sequence and check the time of your orgasm or your climax of sexuel pleasure

♥ - Fill the questionnary

♥ - Send your results (including graph and TCX file) by mail directly from the Heart Graph app to
This can be done with the in-app option purchase.
(please be sure to use your same email you used for fill the questionnary)

♥ - Do as many sexual sequences as you like, with a new recording and a questionnaire for each


Women with recording monitor

Man with recording monitor


Thanks you for your participation !